Fast-Paced Solutions for a Fast Paced World
Fast-Paced Solutions for a Fast Paced World
Fast-Paced Solutions for a Fast Paced World
Fast-Paced Solutions for a Fast Paced World
Fast-Paced Solutions for a Fast Paced World
Cardinal Health RBC - June 27-30, San Diego, CA
Joint Federal Pharmacy Seminar (JFPS) - October 21-24, Kansas City, KS
McKesson ideaShare - July 8-12, Las Vegas, NV
NACDS - August 25-27, Denver, CO
Pioneer Rx - June 8-10, Nashville, TN

I have been interested in automation solutions for many years, but never felt they could cost-justify themselves. However, at an industry tradeshow I discovered PickPoint, and the price was right for the solution I thought it could give my pharmacy. …

-Bob Coulter, Red Cross United Pharmacy, LeGrande, OR

(In response to manual dispensing when prescription software goes down) CHCS (Military Prescription Software) has been down here for 4 hours. The PickPoint cabinets are being used manually to treat our active duty! Providers are happy and patients did not …

-Chief of Pharmacy, from military institution in AZ

We were looking for a cost effective way to improve our will call process and the Pickpoint WCS solved most the issues we were dealing with. The WCS provided efficiency and safety during dispensing. Our prescription retrieval and patient wait …

-Eric Djassa, Chief Pharmacist, Winslow Indian Health Care Center

As a pharmacist, nothing gives you peace of mind like an assurance that the patient received the right drug at the right time. In rural Alaska, it’s a big challenge for us to provide pharmacy services and products to multiple …

-Freddy R. Kaniki, PharmD, Director of Pharmacy, Alaska Rural Hospital

After years of struggling to find a solution for after hours dispensing, the cabinet by PickPoint provided the answer. The unit is efficient, easy to use and best of all, cost effective. After just a few days, even the medical …

-Military personnel, from a military institution in Colorado

Kudos for acquiring a cabinet for after hours pharmacy. As one of the ER physicians who does a lot of after hours prescribing, I feel it adds greatly to the safety and efficiency of that process.

-Physician at military hospital in CO
PickPoint’s Intelepharmacy WCS is the industry’s first - and best - LED-light-guided will call system. PickPoint’s WCS fits any size pharmacy, resulting in increased accuracy and efficiency, improved inventory management, reduced RTS, and a cleaner appearance.
With its enhanced integration with multiple PMS providers, PickPoint’s WCS can automatically keep patients informed about their prescription status via text, voice, email, or web, and it can even automate prescription claim reversals via single RTS bar code scan.
Together with PickPoint’s self-service patient check-in and concierge-level POS extensions, patients benefit by having enhanced safety, improved communication, and shorter wait times – resulting in improved patient retention and increased pharmacy profitability.