Upgrading inteleware WCS to the latest software

What's new?

PickPoint has developed a new version of the software that has a faster, more reliable, and easier to maintain platform. Additionally, our support for the original version of the software will eventually come to an end, so update your software and get some new features like:

Color coded tracking to tell if a hanger has not yet been hung, if it is crated, in the oversize area, in the refrigerator, if it contains a controlled medication, or if it is to be filled on arrival.

Ability to use crates to stage/store bags freeing up rail space increasing the effective size of your system!

Right click context menus for easy trouble shooting and micro transactions within processes.

Graphic reports to help visualize and manage your system.

  • Ability to integrate with sms systems.
  • Central fill capabilities.
  • Patient groups
  • Compatible with v1 and v2 hardware (although you will want to check out how much faster and more robust v2 hardware is.)

Same easy workflow, new more streamlined interface.

What's Needed to Upgrade

Technical person - ability to install software on workstations.
Pharmacy personnel - somebody to test loading and handout of prescription after the switch over.
Approximate time necessary: 2-3 hours
Time can be shortened by following the notes.
2-3 unloaded prescriptions to be loaded for testing

The Upgrade Process

Please read through the entire process. If there is anything that is not clear or questionable, please contact PickPoint (800)636-1288x1 for technical support.

Setup Time can be saved by doing the setup before the scheduled Update.
Identify MAIN and BACKUP computers.
Ensure PickPoint has GotoAssist Unattended enabled on both main and backup
Setup backup computer with V2 server and client
Load a prescription to test PMS interface
Setup main computer with v2 server and client
Update all the workstations with v2
Rename v1 icons on desktop, new client will install new icon (v1 will be deleted upon successful data migration, but let's keep it there for now- just in case)
Double click icon
Click 'OK' on the window notifying that it cannot connect to server
Click on the light grey 'localhost' in the upper left hand corner
Type in the correct IP address
Close client
Re-open client and ensure that it connects
Data Migration
Stop all loading and handouts in the Will Call System.
Database backup on MAIN
Run DB updater (sql Script) on MAIN.
Install latest software on MAIN computer
Re-label MAIN and BACKUP
In latest software, set MAIN and BACKUP databases
Start Version Porter (This is the longest part and may take a while)
If load and handout history does not need to be retained, significant time can be saved.
Test phase
Attempt to light a bag
Try to load a prescription
Open v2 icon on workstation to ensure it is able to connect
Training update
Where is everything?
- primer: load, handout, rts, reports, light bags
Cleanup phase
remove v1 icons from workstations
perform and retrieve database backup


If you have any questions, give us a call!